Do you know why your organization collects its data points? Do you have a plan for what to do downstream with the data you collect? Do you trust your data?  

Most organizations struggle to answer these questions. Every minute, organizations create enormous amounts of data. By itself, data is useless—just a collection of numbers and statistics. When you tie the right data to a purpose—analyze, act on, and use in a feedback loop—it creates real, meaningful business value and can provide a competitive advantage. In my experience, mature companies develop plans that align data and analytics strategies to business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). 

I founded Evolytics in 2005 as a full-service analytics agency that functions as a strategic consulting partner to our clients’ IT, sales, and marketing teams. Evolytics implements end-to-end business-changing analytics solutions that unite business goals with analytics strategy and execution and, in turn, enhance customer experiences and increase return on investment. 

The average marketing professional spends more than 184 hours per year organizing data and reports for their team while managing a MarTech stack composed of more than thirty disparate applications. Evolytics integrates and automates data pipelines, freeing up time for clients to analyze and act on insights that optimize business and marketing performance. A key to our analytics success is how we invest in the best and brightest in the field. Our clients benefit from working as partners with a diverse staff of experts who bring a vast array of capabilities in data science and a depth of knowledge in digital analytics. 

We evolve analytics by inspiring people to use data in new ways that make a difference in the world. Our team’s incredible talent, combined with the exceptional brands we work with, allows us to deliver unparalleled results. We have a long track record of helping companies collect and use data to increase revenue, improve efficiency, and decrease costs. 

A Client-Focused Approach 

At Evolytics, our mission is to “Make a Positive Difference with Data.” We serve clients in more than fifteen industries and provide focused solutions and expertise in healthcare, retail, e-commerce, and financial services. A deep understanding of clients’ unique needs enables the team to engineer best-in-class digital measurement solutions customized to achieve specific business goals. 

I believe we stand out due to our breadth of services, adaptability, and the innovative processes we implement across the data lifecycle. Our core solutions include strategic measurement planning, data collection, data engineering, data analysis, data visualization, data science, experimentation, and training. Holistically, we take a next-level approach to determining the most valuable data to collect, the best way to manage it, and how to leverage insights to answer the right questions. 

Nurturing a Culture of Innovation  

Importantly, our culture allows our staff to branch out from serving clients to make a positive difference with data in new ways. These projects demonstrate the team’s passion for innovation while contributing to the analytics industry, even finding ways to make sporting events more fun. 

A few years ago, our Predictive Analytics Team developed a popular application that analyzes college basketball data to predict the outcomes of March Madness games. Each year, the team pools their own money to bet on the games and donates the winnings to a different charity. 

One of our senior staff members developed and maintained a dataset of pandemic metrics and trends that helped companies forecast and plan during one of the most uncertain times in history. We ultimately decided to make these useful COVID-19 insights available to benefit the larger analytics community. 

The team’s drive for pushing the limits of what’s possible in analytics and data science sets our clients up for business success in new and unexpected ways. For example, Evolytics recently leveraged advanced machine learning models to help a Fortune 500 financial services client improve upsell and cross-sell conversion rates to achieve a 3X lift over previous efforts. 

We are creating an environment that nurtures our team’s passion for analytics and innovation, and makes a positive impact in the world. I believe it’s a primary reason why we’ve been included on Fortune’s list of Best Small Workplaces two years in a row. 

As we continue to grow and expand our reach to more clients, we will always focus on innovating data strategy by making a positive difference with data.

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